About Centric Health

Dr Ray Power and his business partner Dr Maurice Cox co-founded the well-known Irish primary healthcare company Centric Health in 2001.

Centric Health now provides  GP care to well over 500,000 of the Irish Population (>10%) and has extended the model now to both the Netherlands and to Germany where also we have the privilege of providing GP care to a growing percentage of the respective  populations.

The name of the company was inspired by Ray’s fundamental belief that the patient must be at the core of everything that happens in a GP practice. An emphasis on customer service and ensuring that all patients consistently experience the kind of care and attention they need and they deserve – these are the foundation stones upon which Centric Health was built, and upon which the company continues to thrive.

Their goal is to provide patients with the best available care, preferably in their local community. Centric Health staff work quickly and in a cost-effective way to achieve the best outcomes for all their patients. They put the patient first, designing the service around him or her. They adopt best medical practice and up-to-the minute innovative care, delivering it with kindness and humility.

Ray’s decades of experience in general practice, coupled with his deep sense of purpose to enable a more progressive working environment for the GPs of the future, are what led him to set up ‘Meducation’ – a forum for medical education, with particular emphasis on the specialty of general practice.