About Meducation


Our mission is to inspire the doctors of the future to take up a career in general practice. 

‘I have always believed that the doctor-patient relationship is at the core of effective healthcare promoting patient health and wellbeing. This is particularly true of the relationship between GPs and their patients. I have always wanted to shine a light on that relationship, and to ensure that the physicians of the future get the right kind of training to build strong relationships with their patients.’
Dr Ray Power

The name of the company he co-founded, Centric Health, is based on his fundamental belief that the patient must be at the core of everything that happens in a GP practice. An emphasis on customer service and ensuring that all patients consistently experience the kind of care and attention they need and they deserve – these are the foundation stones upon which Centric Health was built, and upon which the company continues to thrive.

The Future of General Practice

Ray has a vision for the future of general practice, both here in Ireland and around the world. He believes in the power of team-based provision – strong collaboration between GPs, practice nurses and administrative staff – to give patients the kind of care that sustains wellness.

I’m very proud that Centric Health is making so much progress in championing community-based service delivery. We want our patients to have better access to the specialist care they need, and we’re working to provide that care at a local level and in a shorter time than is currently possible in hospitals,’ he says.

We believe that we as doctors must embrace the new connected technology and put it to work for the benefit of our patients. Medical technology provides new tools for GPs to work with and the vital data that can inform our daily decisions – decisions that save lives.

In the spring of 2020, just as the Covid-19 virus began to claim lives in Western Europe, Ray embarked on a new and exciting adventure in his professional life. For the first time ever, he partnered with a U.S.-based university professor called Nicholas J. Webb to produce a documentary film about healthcare.

Initially their plans involved a US film which would have an Irish version, but early research showed there was a wealth of Irish content available to Ray from several of his colleagues in Centric Health and friends in wider Irish medical circles. As a result, he spearheaded the uniquely Irish project which ultimately became known as ‘Vital Signs’. A 42-minute television documentary, this programme does what Ray has always wanted to do – it shines a light on the all-important relationship between a GP and his or her patient.

In General Practice, it’s all about the patient. As you know, If we listen to our patients with compassion and time, they will tell us what is right with them and also what we can tweak to make them better. The doctor/patient relationship is key – that is the secret sauce. The purpose of the film is to showcase our patients stories by listening to them,’ Ray says.

Above all else, I wanted to highlight the way GPs focus on wellness and on building a warm and supportive relationship with their patients. That’s what makes the difference. That’s what keeps people alive and thriving.